Getting Ready for our Crowdfunding Campaign


Our launch is planned for April 10. on Indiegogo, so we’re busy getting ready with preparations for the launch of the Skarabeos crowdfunding campaign. From video to packaging design and an expanded product line … Wolfgang and his creative partners are working hard pulling all the pieces together.

The central element in our crowdfunding campaign is a video that Wolfgang is working on in collaboration with Georg Eckmayr. Georg’s agency bildbuerø provides photography, film, animation and VR services to support the communications activities of companies. He’s now developing the Skarabeos product video, working with Wolfgang to identify the brand’s visual basics and create an exciting story about the mythological scarab beetle, a golden egg and an exciting journey. A sneak preview will be released via Skarabeos’s social media channels this February.

Manuel Radde, our graphic designer, has been working with Vienna-based packaging specialist Horn on Skarabeos product design. Founded at the beginning of the 20th century, Horn brings tradition as well as experience and flexibility to the implementation of individual packaging designs. We can already guarantee a visually appealing unwrapping experience!

Wolfgang has been hard at work designing the products that will be available during the crowdfunding campaign. For example, he is translating our iconic backpack design into a business bag.

Skarabeos-2018-107In addition, a small series of accessories will be available to keep bag and backpack organized and secure. One is the Organizer, a piece that contains nesting bags for smart phone, tablet, cords, wallet and keys. This practical accessory can be stowed in the bag in its own compartment, and additionally secured by hook, if desired.

3 Organizer_251The Pouch is envisioned as an additional container to fit in the Skarabeos backpack. It also functions as a bag in itself, and can be worn as a (mini) backpack. Large enough to contain clothing, tablet, book and notebook, it’s the perfect companion for weekend outings and short trips.

We have future plans for many more products and variations on the accessories. The underlying theme is the modular concept: every accessory fits into every bag or backpack, and can be easily moved from one to another. These useful pieces can expand their functionality depending on occasion and application, and all of them can be secured via interior hooks to offer additional security against theft or loss. An alert system even offers protection against theft via cutting open the bag/backpack.

Information and pre-campaign updates will be available on our website , on our social media channels and via our monthly newsletter. We are looking forward to get your support!